Record Storage

Top 10 Reasons to Store Your Documents & Old Files Off-Site:

  1. Protects your Company
  2. Protects your Employees
  3. Protects the privacy of your Patients, Clients, and Customers
  4. Saves you more TIME
  5. Saves you lots of MONEY
  6. Safeguards all of your ASSETS
  7. Makes your company comply with the Best Business Practices
  8. Helps you follow LAWS and RULES
  9. Preserves the IDENTITY of your Organization

Benefits of Record Storage with All Climate

  • Less expensive than renting or re-modeling office space
  • Gets vital records off the premise in case of an emergency
  • Provides control of access to the files
  • Allows employees to accomplish more instead of spending time looking for a file or chart
  • Takes the hassle out of organizing and indexing each file
  • Can be paid or used on a monthly, or as needed basis

Risks of Storing Your Records without All Climate Storage Center

  • Lack of Security to monitor the files. All Climate Storage Center is a five star facility with surveillance and security cameras 24/7, well-lit hallways, keypad gated access, outdoor security lighting, gate controls and alarms. Also, unlike other storage facilities, All Climate is only open during regular business hours so someone is on the premise at all access times.
  • Retrieving files takes employees away from their main responsibilities. All Climate offers record retrieval services for clients, with certified personnel. We can get files to you within 24 hours!
  • You are charged for unutilized space. All Climate also doubles as a regular storage facility so other office valuables can be stored in the same unit as your files. We also offer a secure unit-sharing option where you are only charged on a per box basis.
  • No knowledge of what is being stored in the unit next to you. All Climate offers special individualized units for a flat rate, in the record storage section of the facility. We also have a strict policy on what can and cannot be stored within the facility.
  • Puts records at risk being stored on the floor or on pallets. All Climate offers shelving options at affordable prices. We also offer special water-proof, air tight, clear containers which can be stacked eight high and can fit 2 regular file boxes or 1 legal file box.
  • Inadequate fire and natural disaster protection. The record storage section of All Climate’s facility is conveniently located on the 2nd floor above the flood zone. The facility is also climate as well as humidity controlled and each unit has a sprinkler system in case of a fire. Keeping the records on the 2nd floor is also another added security measure.
  • Difficult access to the files if needed. All Climate is open 7 days a week and has a staff member present at all times to help. The facility is also equipped with stairs, elevators and a special lift elevator for large or heavy items.
  • Lack of trust in storage employees or handlers. All Climate is FACTA and Red Flag certified and each employee has been cleared with a background check and felony free. We also have an identity theft prevention program and compliance plan just in case.
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